How to Show Off That Christmas Spirit in 5 Ways

I might be a little late here, but yay! It’s December! It’s time for all things cozy, winter, and Christmas! Maybe one of my favorite times of the year! Since I’ve been so sick lately, it took us a little bit longer to get the apartment in the Christmas spirit, but I got it handled!

We also went and chopped down our Christmas tree and I’ve got her looking beautiful! So it’s beginning to look a whole lot like Christmas up in here!

1. Eggnog


The boyfriend has been drinking eggnog since before Thanksgiving (this is what happens when I take him grocery shopping). I’ve never been a fan, but I still recognize it as a Christmas staple!

2. Decorations

This is the first Christmas the boyfriend and I have spent together while living together. So he never got to see the behind the scenes Christmas wonderland transformation. I started pulling out all my storage boxes and putting up all my decorations and he says, “Where are you getting all of this? When did you have time to go buy all of this?” Oh honey, this is a couple of years of practice!

3. Christmas Tree

We went to cut down our tree and I think it’s the most perfect little tree! I love the place we go to, too! It’s so cute, and we get to ride in these old jeeps and wander around searching for the perfect tree. And wander we did. It always takes a long time, but just when you’re about to give up, you find the one!

4. New Recipes


Yes, you read that right. I will be practicing with some new recipes this month! More crockpotting, and more seasonal treats! I’ve got to nail down something for the family Christmas Eve gathering! So stay tuned for those!

5. Music

Cue those Christmas tunes! I immediately put on some Christmas music and the boyfriend just laughed at me because I told him he couldn’t listen to it before Thanksgiving. But 2 days after? That’s totally acceptable!


So are all of you ready for Christmas?! How do you get yourself in the Christmas spirit?


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