Blog Swap! Creating My Own Christmas Traditions!

Happy Monday peeps!
Check out my blog swap with Kaitlyn from earlier this month! I’m talking about creating my own Christmas traditions as part of this fun process of adulting!

Me, Myself and Everything Else

Guess what day it is!? Yes, it’s Thursday! BUT it’s also BLOG SWAP day! That’s right! I can’t believe another month has already gone by. And crazy to say, but the next time y’all will hear from me on here will be next year! Be sure to head over to my blog today and visit Kaitlyn and check out her post! Today we’re talking about making our own Christmas traditions since we fully submerged ourselves in adulthood.

When I lived at home I had my traditions with my family; you know, those activities I did every year with my parents and sister. Moving out on my own was definitely weird that first Christmas because I learned that people have to actually buy Christmas decorations, wrapping supplies, and anything else holiday. I never really thought about it, but just knew that my mom always had everything!


It’s been pretty fun actually…

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