How to Pick the Best Graphic Tee in 5 Ways

Some of you may or may not have notice that I’m super into graphic tees – like the funny ones or clever ones. I love wearing a shirt and then watching people’s expressions go from focused to laughing. And then I’m like, “Yeah, you just read my shirt.” Now, I know that not everyone is into these kinds of shirts, but if you are, here is my guide to finding the right one!

1. Scour the internet and social media

Amazon is always an easy go to. You can also just type into Google “funny shirts” or “clever shirts” and it will get you a massive list of websites to visit. Social media is another great way to discover shops that have that same kind of style as you! Be sure to check out the tags of people you like and see where they’re shopping!

2. Ask friends or even strangers


“Where did you get that shirt?!” I do it ALL the time! Just ask away! If I like it, then I want it, and then I must have it. Plus, you can find a ton of cool new places to shop too!

3. Sign up for email updates

I know I’ve already mentioned this before, and I know that junk email is the worst, but it’s really worth it when companies release new clothes or when everything is on sale!

4. Make sure you understand the shirt

If you don’t get the reference or play on words, then others might not either! And there is nothing worse than someone asking you what your shirt means, and you have to answer with, “It’s just funny, right? That’s all.”

5. Wear it with confidence!

Yes, that’s right. Be damn proud of this new funny or clever shirt you’ve found! Wear it with pride and show it off! It’s really entertaining!


There you have it. My favorite ways to add to my collection! Do you have any favorite T-shirts you love to wear?? And I will see y’all next year!!


11 thoughts on “How to Pick the Best Graphic Tee in 5 Ways

  1. Dude you should do a side business of making your own t’s with a website. Screen printing is super easy and cheap. Like all someone has to do is order online and you go buy a large and put some funny ish on it. Now I’m like why don’t I do that since I’m a teacher and I’m not working over the summer! PS- it’s summer here πŸ™‚

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  2. I love graphic tees! But my closet is full of summer tops atm, so I don’t really need more. πŸ˜• I did just get this sweatshirt shirt (I’m not sure what Americans would call it, lol, I follow too many British people on YouTube. πŸ˜‚ I want to call it a jumper, but I know that’s just confusing.) at Target the other day that says, “Allergic to Mornings” which is me 100%. Anyway, even though I can’t buy anything, I bet it would be fun to window shop online!

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