How to Survive the Pit at a Concert in 10 Ways

This was my most viewed post in 2016 so I thought I might as well bring it back and let it have some more glory! It was my first and last (as of now) experience in the pit at a concert. Pure craziness…let me tell you.

How To Get Things Done in 10 Ways

It has always been on my bucket list to get pit tickets to a concert. I have gone to tons of concerts in the last decade or so (god that makes me start to feel old), but I’ve never been anywhere near the stage. I wanted to, just one time, buy a pit ticket and be up there in the front, looking up at the musicians, and just scream like a crazy fangirl. Well, this year we finally got pit tickets! We went and saw Florida Georgia Line, and it was so insanely awesome and scary at the same time! That was my first experience, and may even have been my last…but I want to tell those of you that want to get in the pit, how to survive.

1. Make friends with everyone

We got there so early because we were determined to be touching that stage! We headed…

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