5 Random Thoughts I’ve Had Today #75: The Best Of 2016

My weekly post of random thoughts! But this week, I’m taking us all back through time to some of my favorite random thoughts. Honestly, sometimes I worry about the way my brain works!

1. Random Thoughts #32You guys. I am an official Belieber. I can’t believe I just said that but it’s true. Droppin’ banger after banger. You go Bieber.

2. Random Thoughts #34I am still that awkward girl. I walked into the tanning place the other day, saw my reflection in the mirror and said, “Ugh, sorry I look like a child bunny.” WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN!? Then the girl asked to see my hand to put some lotion on it so I could see how it smells and I held out my hand and said, “Wow, I’m a hot mess today. Please ignore my poorly manicured hands.” Those poor girls. They never saw me coming.

3. Random Thoughts #49Eyeballs are super weird. They just dart around, absorbing light and taking in images. I mean, objects aren’t really even objects unless we’re looking at them! Think about THAT for a second. You’re welcome.

4. Random Thoughts #58When you’re driving a car, do you ever suddenly become super aware of how your foot is pushing on the gas pedal? And then it becomes awkward and you can’t remember how you’ve always done it and then your ankle starts to ache? No? Okay, just checking. Me either….

5. Random Thoughts #68I hate it when you open a bottle of champagne for a mimosa in the morning and then dinner rolls around and you realize you have an entire bottle of champagne open and you don’t want it to go flat…so you drink up. Oh wait. No I don’t. I don’t hate that at all. Challenge accepted.

Hope you enjoyed this snidbit of random thoughts from last year! Stay tuned for more of my interesting thoughts😉


11 thoughts on “5 Random Thoughts I’ve Had Today #75: The Best Of 2016

  1. Lol, I’ve read all of these before but I still laughed! 😂 This is my favorite posts of yours hands-down, and they make my Wednesdays that much better. 💃🏻 Thanks for sharing your random thoughts! I can’t wait to hear what 2017 has in store! ❤

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