How to be a Goal Digger: 2017

Damn. One week practically down in 2017 already! How are we all feeling?

Every year I make my New Year’s Resolutions, and every year I’m ditching them by January 15th. This year, I’m going to set some goals. After a conversation with the boyfriend I learned that I need to set some serious goals. No more of that “work harder, do more, spend more time” etc. Because how is that measurable? He’s a freaking genius ladies and gentlemen and that’s why I love him! More on that later.

I thought we’d revisit my 2016 resolutions real quick:

  1. Stop being so damn lazy. – I think I did pretty good this year! Although, these last couple months have been rough after being so sick.
  2. Learn to be a kick ass crockpot user. – I made one crockpot recipe. It was pretty kick ass! But I need to use it more.
  3. Keep up on the blog. – I had my ups and downs this year, but overall I’m pretty happy!
  4. Better budgeting. – Nope. Didn’t happen. I’m still piss broke.
  5. Do more things that make me happy. – Done!img_9170

Here are the new goals I’ll be working on this year for the next 359 days:

  1. Blog 3 times a week
  2. Reach out to companies to work with and get 3 collabs set up
  3. Move my blog over to
  4. Workout at least 3 times a week
  5. Run a mile under 10 minutes
  6. Do a pull up
  7. Save 20% of each paycheck
  8. Buy new couches
  9. Practice archery at least once a month
  10. Go on my first deer hunt

Alright, so I think I’m pretty positive I could keep going, but hey, we’re all busy and I’ve obviously got a lot of work to get started on! I hope by setting these goals that it will be easier to obtain them this way. Instead of “work harder on my blog” or “get healthy”.

Your turn! What are you hoping to kick ass at in 2017??


15 thoughts on “How to be a Goal Digger: 2017

  1. Love this! Just scheduled my 2017 goals post for tomorrow. I found the last few years picking goals that I was already going towards works better than just using the typical resolutions that aren’t in the main focus. Definitely helps with my accountability and gives me a timeframe to work with.

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  2. Am with you on moving the blog, one of my goals, is to get a domain name, move to .com. Am looking for a hosting that won’t break my pocket. By the way, what’s all about, wordpress is too technical for me?
    Another goal is travel to places in my country

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