5 Random Thoughts I’ve Had Today #76

My weekly post for some entertainment; for myself and all of you!

1. Isn’t it weird how the human body MUST have sleep in order to keep going? I mean, I understand the concept of it, but wouldn’t it be weird if there was no such thing as sleep? Our lives would just run 24/7…..

2. You know those days when you just have to run a red light on purpose because your car isn’t heavy enough to trigger a green light? #jeeplife

3. Rainy days should be reason enough to cancel work. I mean, if I’m told to work while it’s raining, then it’s basically like the company is just asking me to put my life in jeopardy to get there when it’s raining. If it’s not safe out, I should just get paid to stay at home. Am I right?

4. So I’ve been trying to eat smaller meals more times a day. Except when I get home from work I eat about 4 small meals all before the boyfriend gets home and then it’s time for dinner. Somehow I think that’s defeating the purpose…

5. The company I work for just launched a brand new company website. And guess whose face is larger than life right across the entire screen? Yes. Yours truly. And I find out yesterday with a bunch of “Have you seen the picture of you on the website?!” texts and emails. Great. Thanks everybody.


Stay tuned for more of my interesting thoughts 😉



11 thoughts on “5 Random Thoughts I’ve Had Today #76

  1. Ughhh I hate when work uses photos I’m in for marketing campaigns. They always grab a bunch of us to do things like that for customer facing bids. And being in HR, I’m supposed to lead by example so I pretty much have to participate. Wah!

    And I was watching Twilight when it was on TV the other night and thought the exact same thing about sleep! I was like wow, that sucks to never be able to sleep.

    Top Knots & Sweatpants

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    • Hahaha. Twilight. Good ole twilight.
      And I had no idea you worked in HR!! Me too!! Well I did for 2 years and then I took another position in a different department! But yeah, that’s the reason I even had my picture taken was because I was in HR and had to participate. But now I’m not in HR and they still used it lol. Booooo.


  2. Dude I know #jeeplife hahaha! I had this bf for 3 years with a Jeep in high school. I was used to cutting people off on the fwy because I used to drive like a douche in my Saturn Twin Cam hahaha! Then I got in his car and cut someone off only to realize I might get slammed in the rear or die shortly omg!!! At least we could run over cool stuff in the woods 🙂

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  3. Oh, wow, you just took my (maybe?) favorite thing in the world (sleep) and made me wish I could try not having to do it. I think we might get really bored. Or maybe we’d just get sick of doing stuff. I wish we could simulate it, though. I mean with not needing it.
    Also, if not working on rainy days was a thing here, we’d have a big problem. Or lots of happy people! One or the other. Although they’d only be happy if they were being paid despite not working, which wouldn’t work. So everyone would be grumpy? Idk, I’ve twisted my brain in knots. I just love you Californians and how you look at rain, lol. 😂

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