Blog Swap: How To Kickoff 2017 in 4 Ways

Happy Thursday!! I’m so happy to be back for another blog swap!!! Allison and I have been working hard to get this new year started right and spent this past weekend really getting everything ready to make this year great! Face timing with your best friend definitely makes dusting a lot more fun! Also, mimosas make dusting a lot more fun!

Make sure to check out Allison’s post over on my blog to see all the ways she’s getting ready to kickoff this year and make it the best one yet! Now lets get to it!

1.Cleanse the whole house

2017 is new and that’s how I want my home to feel! Fresh and new! I spent this past weekend putting away all the Christmas and cleaning the whole house. Sometimes dusting the whole house just makes you feel so good! Starting this week with a fresh and clean home feels great!

2.Plan out what you want to accomplish

Me and my planner have been best friends so far this year and I expect it to stay that way! Writing down things I’ve either done or need to do is so therapeutic and so helpful! Even the simplest things like writing down what’s for dinner every night makes the week so smooth.

3.Make no excuses

I’ve had every single excuse in the book lately with why I couldn’t workout on certain days and this year I’ve decided to loose those excuses! Even if it’s a quick 20 minute HIIT workout I get it done! This is obviously a resolution most people have when the new year comes around and this year I decided to keep it simple and so far its been working, just get it done! 

4.Eat all the greens

I had so much fun with all the great holiday food but my body is paying for it! Just like my house, my body needed a cleanse and lots of water and greens were just the thing I needed! I’ve been making salads for lunch and planning out health dinners!

What are you guys doing to get this year kicked off right?



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