How I’m Currently Binging on These 10 TV Shows

I have been on a roll with the TV shows lately. I mean, seriously, it has been one binge session after another. I’m going to attribute it to the fact that it’s because it’s winter and I was sick for like ever and there’s not much else to do when it’s freezing and raining. Fall and winter is a GREAT time to binge.

So here are some series I’ve started, finished, and are currently working on!

1. West World


Basically a “theme” park where all of the characters are robots. Super life-like robots. For those of you that watched this one…what a mind blowing experience am I right?? I think I need to rewatch it just to figure out what the hell happened. It was kind of like LOST. I was lost for so long, but I powered through it to experience it’s craziness.

2. The Mindy Project


Mindy is a gynecologist making mistake after mistake in her love life. And it’s fucking hilarious. I’ll be honest though, I definitely started and stopped this series about 4 times until I really got into it. Mindy is hilarious and I love how dramatically she always yells, “OH MY GOD!” Cracks me up!

3. Happy Endings


A group of friends that have dated, broken up, married, and all of their adventures as a group of friends in Chicago. SO funny! And it really makes me want to have a spot to meet my friends for drinks everyday!

4. Nashville


After a sad cancellation of the show, it is back baby! And it has already got me all wrapped up in it again. Country music, the life of a musician, and drama, drama, drama. What more could you need?

5. The Bachelor


Helloooo. Duh. Nick Viall’s fourth time on reality TV to find love…will he be able to do it?! I really have no idea, but I definitely won’t be missing this journey!

6. This Is Us


This show is seriously the cutest! It’s brand new and it’s about these parents raising triplets, and how those triplets grow up and live their own lives. It’s just a very good family drama series!

7. Are You The One?


Another dating reality TV show…but this one is on MTV, and definitely not as classy as the Bachelor. A new season just started on Wednesday! But basically it’s a house full of people that were matched together by a computer and their time in the house is suppose to be spent searching for their perfect match. It’s so trashy, but so good!

8. Grimm


Grimm just came back! I literally did not watch the first 3 seasons, but the boyfriend had and then caught me up as we watched the most recent seasons. It’s a mythical kind of show, but it does get pretty intense!

9. Meat Eater


We just discovered this one on Netflix, but it’s really interesting! It’s a reality TV show about this hunter and the different hunts he goes on, but what’s nice is that he throws in some cooking episodes and shows you how to prepare your game!

10. Gilmore Girls: The Revival


Okay, I know this came out awhile a go, and I watched it as soon as it was released, but just had to throw this onto the list. SUCH nostalgia watching this show that I was practically in tears the whole time, but it was seriously really good for a 10 year break (or however long it was). If you watched the original, be sure to make time for this one!


Yes, I watch a lot of TV. But I love it! What are some of your favorite shows right now?




20 thoughts on “How I’m Currently Binging on These 10 TV Shows

  1. Ha! We love the same TV! After watching Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, I had to go and binge ALL 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls lol.I can’t believe I never watched it when it was on all those years. Ugh, This Is us….. I love the show so much but can’t make it through one episode without tears.

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  2. For 2016, I watched Game of Thrones, Orange Is The New Black, The Librarians, Lie To Me and The Man In The High Castle. I did watched West World until episode 3. Haven’t start watching episode 4. Will be watching later.

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