How to Fantasy League The Bachelor

Alrighty all my Bachelor fans! The time has come! Nick Viall is finally going to get his shot at love! 4th time is a charm! Right?

This season I’m watching a little differently. Sadly, girls’ nights are over as all my ladies moved away. But there’s still FaceTime and group texts and phone calls! And this year, we’re doing a Bachelor Fantasy League too! Making things a little more interesting…

I’m pretty sure it’s all just bragging rights, but hey, I love to brag! You make predictions on what you think will happen the following week and then you also pick your top 4 choices for hometowns and then who will pick the final rose. Although, it’s kind of nerve wracking only because we’ve only seen 2 episodes, and only one real episode of any interaction so far! It was so hard to pick! I definitely want to hear what my bachelor friends are thinking already now that we are moving into week 3!

Here is who I’ve chosen as my top 4 for hometowns for the Fantasy League. Not necessarily my favorites, but here’s who I’m betting will make it to hometowns:

1. Corinne

corrine gif.gif

Let me start by saying that Corinne is not one of my favorites. Like at all. She is way too intense for me and just wants to makeout with Nick all the time and I’m like dude, slow down a little and stop throwing yourself at him. He’s noticed you. But I think she’s kind of like the Britt to Chris Soules and the Olivia to Ben H. There’s always one, and she’s made her mark. She’s gorgeous too, so she’s got that going for herself. She might be around for the long haul peeps. (And obviously she is a front runner because there are a million gifs and memes of her on the internet!)

2. Danielle M.


She is my absolute favorite! She seems so down-to-earth and like the most normal one there! I think she’s super sweet! Although, maybe that’s a part of her that may not make it in the end…she won’t be strong enough for Nick…and I hate even saying this, but there is this part of me that wonders about her motives…she was in that Cole Swindell’s music video. Maybe she’s looking for fame? OMG. NO. I can’t talk myself out of her being my favorite.

3. Raven


I actually really like Raven! She’s so sweet and I just love the way she interacts with Nick. She, also, may not be a strong enough contender to make it to the end, but I’m really rooting for her! She’s a business owner, southern, and super pretty! What more could he need?

4. Sarah


I picked Sarah as my last pick as kind of a wild card. I took notes during their bios in the beginning and I wrote “keeper” so it must have been good! She’s the grade school teacher. And from what I’ve seen so far, she seems pretty normal too. I think she may be around for awhile!

So those are my predictions for hometowns!

My other favorites include Christen, Rachel, and Taylor, but I really don’t see any of those relationships working out. But who knows!? It could switch at the drop of a hat!

So, to my fellow Bachelor fans, who are you rooting for??




5 thoughts on “How to Fantasy League The Bachelor

  1. Good picks! I have Corinne & Raven in my Top 4 also (Tim and I are playing for who buys who dinner). I was dying at Corinne last night! And as far as Danielle M., she’s from Nashville, and it’s actually super common to be in random music videos. My sister lives in Nashville and was in one a couple times. A lot of times they film at random bars and there are always a couple girls (typically ones that look like Danielle) that get to be front and center. She’s definitely my favorite but I doubt would ever make it to the end. I’d be shocked.

    Top Knots & Sweatpants

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