How to Find Your New Razor in 1 Way

I’m hoping you’ve all been there with me…but razors are expensive! Like so expensive. Okay, well maybe it’s mostly the blades. I used to have one of those Venus razors with the changeable blade cartridges. And those replacements were so expensive. Now, this was a LONG time ago, so who knows if they even sell them that way anymore, I have no clue.

Then I moved into buying the 3 pack of disposable razors and used each one until it completely died. And it totally worked for me! It wasn’t bad at all! Except when I really let it die and then forgot to go get a new one, I would suffer for a few days out of pure laziness.

Just recently I decided to finally breakdown and see what all the fuss about this Dollar Shave Club was all about. You guys. Have you heard of this? Do you use it? It’s pretty much the most amazing thing ever! I am seriously SO excited about it! Here are some things I think you’d like to know if you’re at all interested in trying it out!


1. It’s not exactly a $1 club

They kinda trick you with that. You get the first month for $1 with the razor handle and 4 cartridges. Then the following months you just pay for the cartridges, which vary in price up to $9 for a 4 pack.

2. Decide what kind of blades you want

I went with the 6 blade razor – The Executive. Mostly because of a few reasons. 1) It was stated to be the favorite razor by their female customers 2) It has the most blades, and I’ve always gone for the most blades (do I know if it makes a difference? No not really) and 3) The reviews from women were pretty much well balanced. Some loved it and some hated it. I knew that I’d just have to try it myself to be the tie breaker. Besides, it’s only a $1 to try!

3. It’s a subscription with options

You can cancel at any time (so if I hated it, I’m not committed to it) and you can choose to get new cartridges sent to you monthly or every other month! I chose every other month only because I am the worst when it comes to changing out the blades, so there’s no way that I would be changing them every week. Although, for a really nice shave, it’s probably best! And The Executive is only $9 a month, which is like my Hulu subscription, so I SHOULD be able to handle that.


The one thing that is taking me some getting use to is that there is no moisturizer in the blades or on the cartridge, but in reality, that just convinces me that I really SHOULD be moisturizing after a shave anyway. I’m just so lazy! But I’m turning over a new leaf! Hopefully.

I’m definitely going to keep using this razor and program for the next couple of months to see how I really like the subscription. As of right now, I’m not sure if the blades last very long, but I’ve been using the same blade for 2 weeks now and I think I should probably change it now. It’s definitely got me to think about how often I get a new blade though! I use to use those disposable razors for months! Probably not the most sanitary either though…

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised in the Dollar Shave Club! So, have any of you tried this club? Any of my ladies? Do you like it? I’d love to hear your opinions!



10 thoughts on “How to Find Your New Razor in 1 Way

  1. I have not tried it yet, but I’d totally be interested to hear an update on this after a couple months! I spend so much money on razors and blades (BTW, Venus still sells the cartridges separately for an astronomical amount), I’d be interested to see if in the end this program is cheaper. Also, Gillette is doing something similar now too. I always find using men’s razors to be better than women’s.

    Top Knots & Sweatpants

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    • Yeah for sure!! This was my first experience with mens razors! I’ve always heard about women starting to use them but I just never thought of it! I will have to do an update in a few months!


  2. I’m planning on signing up when I near the end of disposables that I bought. To be honest though I only shave my legs once a week. With very fine and light hair I completely take advantage of being lazy ha-ha. My partner hasn’t complained yet.

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