How to Crockpot Your Life in 3 Recipes

I have been crockpotting up a storm lately! Now that I know it won’t burst into flames, I’ve been using it practically every weekend! Although, I still have to be home while I use it, because I’m just not there yet with trusting the crockpot completely.

I’ve been loving making casserole type recipes because then they last pretty much all week long for dinners and that makes me super excited. No more worrying about coming home from work to try to figure out what to cook. Just pop the deliciousness in the microwave and get on with your evening!

I thought it’d be fun to share the latest recipes we’ve been trying! I’ve linked the Pinterest recipes for the first two as well.

1. Healthy Enchilada Casserole

I loved this one because 1) it made so much food and 2) it has so many veggies in it! It’s also all about the toppings with this one too. Avocado, light sour cream, a sprinkle of cheese, and chopped cilantro!

2. Chicken Burrito Bowl

The only suggestion I have for this one is to maybe not use as much rice as the recipe suggests. It was SO much rice. Probably too much. Or amp up the amount of chicken. But still, really delicious, lasted forever, and don’t forget the toppings!

3. Venison Chili

I got a crockpot cookbook for Christmas and we picked out one of the chili recipes and substituted venison in there. It was both the boyfriend’s and mine first time cooking chili, but you guys, it was SO easy! And so delicious!


What are some of your favorite crockpot recipes?! I’m hooked on crockpot cooking!


10 thoughts on “How to Crockpot Your Life in 3 Recipes

  1. Those look so good! I could eat Mexican food every day, but my husband and sister are so sick of me cooking it. I’m definitely stealing that chicken burrito bowl recipe! Also, check in the soup aisle at the grocery store. Campbell’s soup makes Slow Cooker sauces, and I’ve really liked their Southern BBQ sauce and use it on chicken and pork roasts alot. I’ve used it on ribs before, and they also have an amazing Shredded Beef Taco sauce. You little throw in the meat and pour the sauce over it and that’s it.

    Top Knots & Sweatpants

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  2. Oh man yummy! It makes me want to use my crock pot! (One of the three) 😩. We have three of them we’ve been gifted between our wedding and Christmas I guess it’s a go to gift for newly weds and I’ve kept them all. I really need to use it bc it’s so simple and your food looks really good!

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  3. I adore my crockpot so of course I had to respond to this post! One of our favourites is Buffalo Chicken sandwiches, among many others of course. These recipes look delicious! Thanks for sharing!

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