How to Be a Morning Person in 5 Ways


And then you look at those people and think, “What the hell is wrong with you? I need a moment to wake up.” Unfortunately, I am a morning person. I’m that person. Although, my pet peeve is when people look at you and say, “You’re not a morning person are you?” And then I’m like I am a morning person, even though my face takes a lot longer to wake up. Yeesh.

But I love sleeping in too. But I love getting up early and getting the day started that much sooner! So these are my tips for getting closer to being that morning person!

1. Set your alarm(s)

This is kind of silly, but I set my alarm for 4:30 am, but really don’t get up until 5:10 am. It is almost like a mind game when you’re like ugh, time to get up, oh wait, I can hit snooze 53 more times! Then by the time it’s actually time to get up it doesn’t feel so bad!

2. Hit the lights

Turn on the lights! There is no sense in trying to fumble around in the dark because you know your eyes won’t be ready for the light. I turn on all the lights like I would at any other point in the day. It helps me to wake up and get in the morning routine.

3. Breakfast time

Eat breakfast! By now, you know (or should know) that it’s the most important meal of the day. And if you can, prep your breakfast the night before. We’ve been making protein shakes for breakfast, so the night before I get out all the ingredients (that don’t need to be refrigerated, obvi) and put them next to the blender; including our to-go cups. Then in the morning I just toss it all in, add whatever else I need and then blend away!

4. Do a chore

This one has probably got you scratching your head. But for me, in the morning, I need to do something “productive” before I leave for the entire day. And this usually varies from morning to morning. Sometimes it’s the most obvious morning chore: Make your bed (but sometimes I just don’t feel like it). Or it’s pick up the floor of my room, clean up the living room, do a few dishes, just tidy something up. It helps me get prepped for the day, and also, makes it that much better to come home to something already tidied up.

5. Outfit picked out

This one is just such a time saver! If you pick out your outfit the night before, then that’s one less thing you have to spend time worrying about in the morning on top of everything else you’re trying to accomplish. Fold it up nice and set it aside, or hang it all up somewhere in your room. Then when you roll out of bed you can think, “Oh yeah, that’s taken care of, what else can I spend time on this morning!?”


And that, my friends, is how you work your way into becoming a morning person! Mornings don’t have to be scary or dreadful! Think of them as just a whole extra hour of productivity in your day!

How do you battle the mornings?? I’d love to hear your tips about getting that booty moving first thing!


20 thoughts on “How to Be a Morning Person in 5 Ways

  1. Ok, this is weird. I was just talking with my mom last night about night people vs morning people, and how there *is* an actual difference, and I thought, I should write a post about it! I am a night person 100%, and I’ve found that is hard for morning people to understand what it’s like. (So when I do write that post, if you see it, know it has nothing to do with you. ❤) But I respect being a morning person, and these are some great tips on how to start your morning, no matter when your morning is!

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  2. I can barely get out of bed at 6:30 but 4:30? Way too early for me! But I have to agree with you with the laying out your clothes. I feel like when I lay my clothes out the night before, I’m prepared and I can do anything that day. Also, it is such a time saver!
    I also really love your lamp! It’s so cute!

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  3. It’s so weird I used to be a total morning person, like literally up until about a couple months ago. I would always be the first one up and ready and eager to start my day but lately I’ve noticed myself going to sleep later and it’s been a struggggle to wake up to my alarm. I’m not sure if its because it’s the winter months but I much rather prefer being a morning person. I feel like I have so much more of my day available to me when I’m getting things done early. But I absolutely agree, it helps turning on the light almost immediately and having breakfast (well, for me have coffee lol) but that definitely helps me wake up more!

    xo, JJ

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