How to Survive a Day in My Life…

Happy Friday y’all! This is another addition to this little series…Sometimes weird things happen to me. Not everyday, but some days. I thought this might be a good read to see what I’m talking about.

It was suppose to be like any old, boring day…but of course it wouldn’t be.

Wake up

5:50 am: I’m up and getting ready for work. I needed to be headed out the door at about 5:58 am in order to make it to work on time. So I scrambled the remaining things together, like lunch, my tea, and my purse and then I got that feeling. That feeling that says, I should probably go to the bathroom now, so I won’t have to do it at work. (Everyone would rather go to the bathroom in their own bathroom, am I right?)

6:00 am: It is just not happening and I need to get to work! I decided that it was just not the time yet and ran down to the car to get to work. Of course, because of those few minutes difference, I got caught up in some traffic and got to work a few minutes late. Luckily, my boss wasn’t there yet, so no one will ever know! Sweet.

9:45 am: Uh oh. That feeling is back. I will try to make this short -the women’s bathroom is connected to the office, while the men’s you have to go outside and around the corner. So I feel like everyone obviously knows when it’s occupied and I’m the only woman that works in my office, so there we go.

9:55 am: I settle into the restroom. No big deal, just going to make it a quick one. Everyone is outside, no one will hear anything. Perfect. I finish, then flush and then it happened. The toilet flushed, everything went down, but then would not fill back up with water. WHAT! Immediate panic sets in. I tried it again. Nothing. Also, a pertinent piece of information: we are a brand new office so we literally have nothing there. No cleaning chemicals, no plunger, nada.


10:05 am: Pretend like everything is fine and pray that it fixes itself. I couldn’t come up with an immediate solution, so instead I crossed my fingers that it would just fix itself and head back to my desk. I started rationing my water so that way I could hopefully make it through the day without having to pee again. I also decided that that night I would buy a plunger and get to work super early the next morning before anyone so I could fix it.

10:45 am: My boss has to take my coworker to a site to do some testing. He says, “You good here for an hour or so? We’ll be pretty quick.” “Oh yeah, go! Gooooo! Don’t rush. I’ve got everything handled here,” I responded. Yay! Time all by myself to fix the toilet! I immediately call my friend in the main office and we both instantly start Googling solutions. She says, “Try this: Put hot water and dish soap into the toilet bowl and let it sit there for 15-20 minutes.”

11:10 am: I run into the bathroom to flush to see if it’s fixed. Literally so excited that this will fix everything and I won’t have to buy a plunger! I flushed it, and nothing happened! At this point I am now worrying about how hopeless it all is, and I decide I’m going to peek in the men’s room. Surely, if someone had bought a plunger it would be in there, right?? NO LUCK. So then I continue to fill my coffee mug with hot water and run back and forth between the lunch room and the toilet. Letting it sit longer each time.


1:00 pm: I am still in full on panic mode. And all of my coworkers had returned by now. Also, one of our maintenance guys shows up. I think to myself, “I have to ask him to help me. It’s the ONLY way. But I must do it sneakily!” I never got the courage to ask him though.

2:00 pm: The maintenance guy starts his goodbyes as he’s on his way out. As he passes by my desk I say, “Wait!! Can you help me? My toilet isn’t….flushing….right?” He heads straight in there lifts up the tank cover and jiggles the chain around and then walks out and says, “You should be good to go now! Bye!” I thought I could have hugged him I was so happy. I ran in and flushed the toilet in excitement, and AGAIN….NOTHING. It didn’t work! UGHHHH.


2:45 pm: I’m getting ready to leave for the day and decide to try my luck with the flushing once more. AND IT WORKED. I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT! I was SO ecstatic! You guys. I was so excited that I literally wanted to do cartwheels or throw up. I’m pretty sure I skipped all the way to my car.

yes! .jpg

So. Moral of the Story? There really isn’t one. Just be careful I guess? Did I get any work done that day? No, not exactly. But the stress I was under….it was so insane! I will never let that happen again!!

Have any of you had any near traumatic experiences at work?? I hope that this may have put a smile on your face until your weekend begins!


12 thoughts on “How to Survive a Day in My Life…

  1. LOL this is so great. You’re hilarious. I can’t believe you have to wake up that early. I used to have to when I was a teacher but those days are no longer thank goddd. But then again you do get out pretty early! I can barely get out of bed at 730…. What do you do for work?

    xo, JJ

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  2. The toilet in my old apartment used to get backed up ALL. THE. TIME. It felt so embarassing that I kept having to call the super to unclog it… I kept thinking he must think I’m a freak for clogging to toilet so much! It turns out that it was because the toilet from my apartment and the one next to me connected to the same disposal pipe so things would get very backed up. Not my fault, I guess, but still pretty gross.

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  3. Lol, Allison, how does this stuff happen to you?! 🤣 It sounds quite traumatic! It’s a weird problem to have, though… I probably would have texted my mom because she knows all these things, and has had plenty of toilet experience. 😂

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