How to Cry About Pretty Much Anything in 7 Ways

So I’m just going to come out and say it. I’m a crier. Why god made me this way, I’ll never know. But it’s the only way my body knows how react to anything. It’s the WORST thing ever. Do any of you know my pain? I know I’m not the only one like this. Well, at least I hope not! Anyhow, I know that some things my body chooses to react to with a cry are pretty stupid. No, really stupid. It’s super annoying. So I’m not going to tell you how to not cry, (plus, I’ve googled that nod nothing really helps except to just grow a pair) so I’m going to tell you how to cry about everything, since that seems to be my hidden talent.

1. After an accidental fart

So when my boyfriend and I first started dating, and I mean like we didn’t even call each other boyfriend and girlfriend yet, I let one slip. We were at my house and he was tickling me and I was laughing and begging him to stop because I knew something tragic was about to happen. He kept tickling and then it slipped out. It wasn’t like a really long drawn out fart but it was a nice average fart. He stopped tickling me and looked at me, ” You farted!” Kill. Me. Now. I was so embarrassed!! Girls don’t fart out anything but rainbows! So as a reaction, I covered my face and started crying. Good one Allison.

2. Someone attempts to fight you

I mentioned this one in my tips on how to survive the pit, but I’m going to say it again here because it applies. We went to a country concert and we had pit tickets for the first time ever. I got a little drunky-pants and started panicking about all the people touching me. This one dude was just rubbing up on me so I said, “Please stop touching me, for just one minute.” His girlfriend leans over and yells at me, “You’re in the f-ing pit! Get over it!” And in that moment I thought for sure she was getting ready to punch me in my face. I started hyper-ventilating and crying to the boyfriend as my defense mechanism. And what do you know, she even apologized to me for yelling at me. Ha!

3. Meetings at work

I hate talking to my boss one on one. I can rattle off my ideas and opinions with the group, no problem. But as soon as it becomes that one on one conversation, my eyes start to well up with tears! What the hell is that about? Only once out of the 10 times this has happened, have the tears actually started flowing. And after that time I got a raise, so who knows, maybe that worked out for me!? But I really have no idea. I mean, the last conversation that made me tear up was a conversation in which my boss asked me what I was liking about my job! I mean, are you serious! Why on Earth should that ever trigger a cry?! Why!?

4. Saying I love you

And no, this is not a sentimental thing, like I said I love you to someone for the first time like in the movies. It was another time the boyfriend was tickling me (whoa, sensing a theme here), and a body part randomly flailed and slammed into the wall. The boyfriend then said, “Whoa! I did not do that!” And I said, “It’s okay, I still love you, you little shit.” Then he looked at me and said, “What! What did you just say?” And then I realized what I said. Cue water works! I was so embarrassed. We hadn’t said the L word to each other yet, and I completely let it slip! I was trying so hard to not say it for so long, and then it just slipped out. I was shocked, scared, and totally embarrassed. So I cried about it. Duh.

5. Movies

Every movie. No matter the genre. I cry. Have to. It’s the only way my body knows how to have any kind of emotion. I cry for cartoons, action movies, comedies, drama, you name it. Fast and Furious, Finding Nemo, Hot Pursuit, pretty much everything. There’s always that one soft spot in the movie that things have to come to a close, and the music hits me just right. Boom. I’m holding back tears.

6. Then there’s your normal crying emotions

Happy, sad, angry. Those are all obvious qualifiers for the tears. Probably a little too easy of triggers for me, but it still happens. The slightest sadness, a touch of anger, and an overwhelming happiness. It all gets me. When I’m happy for others, when the boyfriend does something nice, and then when something upsets me, I have to have a difficult conversation, or something just makes me mad. But these are pretty normal triggers for the tears right?

7. Drunkness

Then there’s that perfect recipe of cocktails that turns it into a hot mess of a night. The tears just flow and flow and flow. For no reason. I was drunk, having a fantastic night, and then BOOM, it hits me wrong and I start uncontrollably sobbing. And I’m the ugliest crier. Ever. The last drunk cry I had was because we were all yelling and being stupidly loud all the way back to our hotel room and then security knocked on the door and the boyfriend told me I had to be quiet after he left. I actually started crying because I was told to be quiet. Like a freaking four year old. Awesome.
So, that’s about it in a nut shell. I cry. It’s gotta be some form of a talent right? I just can’t help it. I try everything all the time to get it to stop. Nothing works, so I guess I will just continue living my life like a crybaby. Until then, happy crying!

How to Come to Terms with Being Hobby-less in 6 Ways

As I sit in the backyard of my boyfriend’s parents house on a sunny afternoon I start thinking, “Dang, I could do whatever I want to do today. What should I do?” I have never been one for hobbies. Not because I don’t enjoy doing things, not because I don’t have enough free time, but mostly because I’ve never found anything I’m good at it. That’s the real problem.

I’ve tried many activities over the years. Basketball, soccer, painting, drawing, reading, tennis, working out, scrap booking, crafting, you name it. Nothing has ever stuck. At least not yet. I’m thinking I’ve still got some time!

I’ve basically come to terms with the fact that I just have no hobbies. Not for a lack of trying either. Mostly a lack of talent or interest. So here are my suggestions for any of you that may know what I’m talking about.

1. Think of your free time

What would you do if you played hooky from work one day? What is it that you would be so excited to do? Whatever it ends up being – could have the potential to be a hobby in some way.

2. Are you good at anything?

Have your friends ever complimented you on something you’ve done before? What do you feel like you’re good at? And it may be nothing. I’m definitely not good at anything in particular.

3. Anything you want to try?

Have you ever seen something and thought that it looks like fun? I think a ton of activities look like fun and could be a great way to spend my free time. The key is to not be so damn lazy like me and make an effort to give it a shot.

4. Be up for anything

The best way to discover new things is to take part in activities that your friends already do. Who knows? Maybe you’re secretly a skilled wake boarder! Say yes to the friend with the kayaks, say yes to the friend that does yoga, say yes to the friend that rock climbs.

5. Accept that you have no hobbies

On the other side of the spectrum, you can always accept the fact that you don’t have any hobbies and might not ever. It doesn’t mean that you don’t know how to have fun or enjoy yourself. Look at me – hobby-less for 20+ years and going strong.

6. Put yourself out there and get a hobby

The other option and final option is to just put your fears of failure to the side and try something new. You may totally love it or you may totally hate it. You just have to remember if you hate it then you’re just crossing another thing off the list of possible hobbies. If you love it, you may have struck gold!

Just know that you’re not alone. Plenty of people don’t have that one thing that they spend all their free time on and we are all doing just fine. But if you’re on the hunt for your next hobby, I hope this helps! If you have a hobby, what is it? I’m always looking for my next attempt at a hobby!