How to Dress for Success in 5 Ways

I have officially been working in the business world for one year this month. When I started my job last summer I was a young, broke, college grad with two nice, interview-worthy outfits. Once I accepted the position, I ran to H&M to get the cheapest nice tops I could find to try to create a professional wardrobe, thus creating a solid five outfits (thank god for casual Friday).

My mom had always told me to slowly collect nicer blouses, skirts, and slacks. I always told her I’d rather buy more tank tops. Finally, almost a year later, I have contributed to my wardrobe greatly (with the help of my lovely mama). It started as a collection of black, grey, and tan, but now I have much more options in colors and varieties!

These are my tips that I’ve gathered over the past year on how to dress for success. Or at least look like you belong in the building.

1. Color is your friend

Like I mentioned before, it all started with neutral colors. I gradually started adding bright pinks and royal blues. I even have a bright red blouse that I call my power blouse. Red is a very demanding color; it says look at me and listen to whatever the hell I have to say!

2. Watch that length

My second or third week at my new job I wore this one dress I had from H&M. It was navy blue with flowers on it, cotton, super cute. I got called into a conference room by my trainer and it was there that she told me my dress was too short. I was super embarrassed and I’ve never worn a dress since! I mean, how was I suppose to know? I went from bartender to HR professional over a weekend! It wasn’t too short for life, just too short for an office I suppose.

3. Ross is boss

I’ll admit it, I don’t have the patience for Ross. The home section, of course, but the clothes section seriously hurts my OCD. One day after work I had some time to kill, so I started browsing through the clothes. Some of the blouses I picked up and thought, “Why are these shaped so funny?” But I decided to try them on anyway for the sake of killing time. They fit perfectly! Super cute, cheap and professional! Wins all around!

4. Get yourself a watch

My favorite watch. Kate Spade. My boyfriend bought for me for Christmas.

My favorite watch. Kate Spade. My boyfriend bought for me for Christmas.

Watches are grown up. They are classy. They are professional. And you can always find out what time it is without pulling your phone out and looking like a rookie. So get yourself a watch. Or two. Or five. It starts to get addicting.

5. Cute flats are a necessity

I’m afraid of heights so heels are definitely out for me. Plus, I’m almost 5’8″, which is pretty tall and heels just make me look freakishly tall. Also, of whatever reason, I find myself walking all over the office more than sitting at my desk all day. Who wants to deal with the pain of heels anyhow? Flats are still functional and professional.

And that’s how I dress for success! Just a few key points I keep in mind while shopping and getting dressed in the morning. Just remember to dress classy enough to make an impression, but keep up with the dress code enough to fly below the radar! What kinds of things do you wear to work?

How to Beat The Monday Blues in 5 Ways

For me Mondays are rough. Well, let’s be honest, they’re rough for everyone; I’m no special case. And these Mondays after the holiday = ESPECIALLY difficult. So here’s how I try to deal.

1. Work it Out


The first thing I HAVE to do Monday mornings is work out. Even if it’s only a short 15 minute cardio burst. I constantly remind myself that it’s only going to suck for those first 10 minutes while I try to pry myself out of bed and open my eyes. You know what all those fitness gurus say…”Never miss a Monday.” They’re right. It sets the mood for the whole week. So get off your sleepy butt and kick it in gear.

2. Hit up the Caffeine

I have got to get the brain tickin’ on a Monday, and for me, that’s going to be in a beautiful Starbuck’s cup. Although, being as broke as I am, I just discovered that Raley’s carries some Starbuck’s iced coffee drinks in jugs and they just so happen to have my go-to drink: Skinny Caramel Macchiato – for only $5.00! I buy one of those on Sunday and then drink it for the week. It tastes pretty much like the same thing as the actual Starbucks, but cheaper (yay for my wallet!). Anyhow, that caffeine really carries me through the day!

3. Turn up the Tunes


I’m a little country girl when it comes to the music (more on that to come later). Sometimes in the morning while I’m putting on my makeup and ransacking my closet for an outfit I need a little bit more of a pep in my step, so I crank up the pop tunes. If it’s a slow one I skip it. I’m looking for something to dance to so I can make the morning routine more interesting. And there is nothing better than watching my god awful dance moves in the mirror.

4. Become a Worker Bee

Or at least pretend to be. It takes a few hours to get the work flow going again so fake it ’til you make it. Once I finally wake up and remember what it is I do on a daily basis the rest of the day flies by. Or at least skips a long quicker. Maybe?

5. Eat Ice Cream

When all else fails, eat some ice cream. It makes me happier and feel like a little happy fat kid. Lately at work we’ve had gallons of vanilla ice cream in the freezer and cases of root beer in the fridge = help yourself root beer float. It is delicious and definitely perks me up in the afternoon. And then what do you know…it’s 5:00 pm and…peace out – Monday over.

Any tips on how to overcome the Monday slump?

Good luck getting over your Monday blues! Look at the time…my Monday is over! Now Tuesdays are a different story…