5 Random Thoughts I’ve Had Today #3

My weekly post for some entertainment; for myself and all of you!

1. Is it weird that guys don’t usually need to use a hairbrush? My boyfriend has never used a hairbrush. I just noticed that.

2. I wonder what it’s like to be a dog. They’re just so chill all the time. Or extremely happy. All. The. Time. It’s got to be awesome. Or relaxing…

3. If I shuffle huge stacks of paper around on my desk, does my boss really notice that I’m not actually working on anything important?

4. I wonder how many meals I can get out of the random food in my fridge this week so that I don’t have to go to the store. I hate going to the store. To my very core.

5. I want to decorate my desk with cute little photos and knick knacks, but if I ever got fired that will be super embarrassing to clean out my desk. Right now I just have one photo strip and my pen shaped like a cat. I’ll take those two and run!

Stay tuned for more of my interesting thoughts 😉