How to Purge Your Closet In 6 Ways

Last year I made the big girl move out of my parents’ house and into my own apartment. My closet space tripled in size! It was absolutely amazing and I was able to hang up everything! A few months ago when I bought all my new fancy work clothes, I had to buy more hangers. Then it got to the point where I couldn’t even slide the hangers to see all of my tops anymore because there were too many!

I had to take a serious look at what it was that was taking up space. Every time I even looked at my closet it was just a reaction of “holy shit”. So one Saturday morning I got past my hoarding tendencies and purged the closet.

1. Color coordinate

Since I have a small amount of OCD I have to organize all my tops by color in my closet, and then by type (short sleeves, long sleeves, dresses, skirts, slacks). When I organize by color it also helps me see what color I have plenty of and need to stop buying and what colors I should be looking to add to the mix.

2. Turn the hangers around


I have seen this idea on Pinterest many times but as usual my laziness kicks in and just says, “Nah, maybe next year.” This year I finally did it! I turned around all my hangers so that now, whenever I wear something, I take the hanger off and turn it around the right way. Then at the end of the season I will know what I never wore and can say goodbye.

3. Have you touched it in the last year?

This one kind of piggy-backs on the previous one. You can definitely tell, if after a year you never turned the hanger around. But you can also look at your clothes and just know, “I haven’t worn that in 4 years,” means it’s time to go. Stop hoarding.

4. Try it on

Maybe you haven’t worn something because it was too tight last summer, or you didn’t like the way it felt. Try it on! Who knows, it may look mighty fine this time around!

5. Move the off season clothes elsewhere

I try to box up my heavy winter sweaters and scarves to make room for my summer clothes and vice versa. Then next season it will literally feel like Christmas when you break them all out again.

6. Donate it

Everything you finally decide to part with you can donate! As long as it is in good shape. Don’t throw your T-shirt in there with the pit stains and holes across the bottom. One man’s trash isn’t always another man’s treasure!

Yes, cleaning and organizing sucks, but when that mood hits you, you gotta jump on it! Take advantage of it and finish your organization project – whatever it may be! Because if you try to walk away from your tossed about closet mid-way, it just might stay there a couple more days. So take a stab at it! Happy purging!