How to Not Dress at Work in 5 Ways

So since I’ve been on this crazy journey of growing up and becoming an adult with my big girl job and all, I thought I’d do another post about that office life. It’s been a little while. One of the biggest things I noticed when I first started working in the office was how people dress. Originally, I wrote about how to dress for success as I tried to figure out the office wardrobe life. I was trying to get ideas for outfits since it was all new to me, but I also discovered a lot of outfits that just made me feel like, “Seriously?! Is this your first day in an office too? Oh wait, you’re like 40 years old.” Some of the things that people are wearing are like HELLO so not appropriate for an office, your age, or life in general.

Here’s what I’m seeing and what I’m talking about:

1. Flip flops

Are you at the beach? Do you feel the sand between your toes? Oh, no you don’t, because you’re in a professional office environment! Get real. What was your thought this morning when you got dressed? Professional up top and just beachy on my feet.

2. Yoga pants

Just because your pants are black, does not mean they qualify as slacks. Probably one of my biggest office pet peeves. And especially when you wear your yoga pants and flip flops together. What is wrong with you??

3. Shorter dresses than your age

I’m the youngest person in my office building. So the majority of the population is 40-50. When the women in this age group walk around the office in dresses that are shorter than I’d wear, it just makes everyone uncomfortable. I mean, come on ladies. I know I have a hard time transforming into an adult, but you’ve had a hard time doing that for 25 years longer than me. It’s time.

4. Leggings as pants

Kind of the same as yoga pants, but leggings are not pants. Yes, in the fall, it’s cute to wear an oversized sweater, some leggings, and some comfy boots. Not to the office though. Especially when your shirt doesn’t cover your butt, and then we all have to look at your awkward butt that gets no support from your leggings. Thanks.

5. Low cut tops

Ladies, the office is a place where you show up, do your job, get your paycheck, and leave. This ain’t the club. Keep your ladies covered up. Save those low cut tops for the weekend or happy hour. None of us want to see that. Especially when you’re old. It’s just weird.
All I’m saying, is if you work in an office, let’s try to class it up a bit. It is a professional environment after all! And it is not the place to dress to impress. You want to dress for success! Remember that!

8 thoughts on “How to Not Dress at Work in 5 Ways

  1. So true. I wonder how many people will now comment to you, that you are discriminating or body shaming them. They need to be comfortable and allowed to wear what they want.
    We have a whole generation of youngens who are more concerned with their rights, ( one being the right to wear pyjama pants to school!?) than what they are employed to do.
    Perhaps it is time for those yucky uniforms to come back? Nurses and docs need them in the hospitals…..


  2. Flipflops peeve the hell out of me too. I once worked with a woman who would go barefoot when we were outside. I guess I understand we were on a playground, but don’t you feel a little awkward greeting students parents without shoes on? Maybe I’m just not as confident as she was in her barefoot game =/

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  3. I work in the tech industry, flip flops are quite common. They don’t bother me that much, but the tshirt with shorts paired with sandles as a default outfit can get tiring. So I always encourage my coworkers to dress nicer by sublely complimenting them whenever they dress out of their default, ha-ha.

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