How to Dig Through My Influenster Resolution VoxBox

I think my favorite mail day is when an Influenster VoxBox shows up! Recently I received the Resolution 2017 VoxBox complimentary for reviewing purposes. It came with a ton of goodies to help hone in on those New Year’s Resolutions we’ve all been working so hard on! Right?! I mean, yes it’s March, but come on, I hope y’all haven’t given up already!

Anywho, I was very excited to test out these products, but being the girl that I am, I got mostly snacks and I could not have been happier! My entire day, everyday, is just a countdown to the next time I can eat food. So you know I am ALL about those snacks! Check out what I got and what I thought! (And yes, I’m a poet. And you didn’t know it.)

1. Popchips Cheddar and Sour Cream

These were actually delicious! A much lighter chip, but so good. Cheddar and sour cream is my jam. I definitely enjoyed this as a salty snack! It was a nice change up from the greasy potato chips that I love. Made me feel less guilty!

2. Febreze ONE Fabric & Air Mist Badge

This is sold at Target and it smells really good! It has a pretty cool sprayer on it too, so I had fun spraying it all over the house. However, the smell doesn’t linger. Like at all. You spray it and smells fresh for that instant, and then it fades away. I think I’d probably choose something else when it comes to air freshener.

3. Orgain Protein Bar

I definitely love trying out new protein bars. I’m trying to find one that I’m going to fall in love with! This one, sadly, is not going to be it. They sent me the peanut butter flavor, and while it was filling, it was just kind really dry and was not enjoyable to eat. I would be interested in checking out other flavors though. Maybe the peanut butter flavor was just too much for me?

4. Crispy Green Crispy Fruit Apple

These freeze dried fruit snacks were SO good! So light, all natural sugars, and it totally satisfies the sweet snack and crunchy snack! Win, win! I loved these. I will definitely be adding these to my grocery list!

5. Burt’s Bees Protein Powder

I actually didn’t try this one yet. I’ve been drinking my Shakeology every morning, so it was kind of hard to convince myself that I needed more than 1 shake a day. But I’m definitely holding onto it and will be trying it soon! Side note: I had no idea Burt’s Bees even made anything consumable!

6. Orabrush Tongue Scraper

I have always wanted to try a tongue scraper. Weird, I know. It was really crazy feeling! But I didn’t realize how much residue just sits on your tongue. I don’t know how to explain it, but it was weird! But so cool at the same time. At first it felt really weird, and then it felt good, and then it felt weird at the end. But also, made my whole mouth feel cleaner just by doing that! I would definitely recommend this product!


So there you have it….my review of my latest VoxBox. Have any of you tried any of these products before? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Happy Friday!!


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