A Year of Firsts…in 10 Ways!

It’s hard to believe a whole year has already come and gone! But things that happened less than a year ago feel like decades ago!

I figured, what better way to celebrate a new year, than to reflect on last year’s highlights! It was a crazy one for sure, and one for the books, and I wouldn’t change anything about it! There was a lot of laughs, tears, new experiences, new hobbies, adventure, all the things I love. Let’s break it down!

1. Living on my own

I actually started living on my own in November 2014, but with all the excitement of the holidays and traveling, it finally sunk in last January. So now it has been a year, and man have I loved it so. Of course I miss being home with my family, but living on your own is just one of those things that I had to experience – it made me grow up through trial and error! Cooking, laundry, cleaning, budgeting, discipline. I think I’ve covered it all, or at least have a great solid foundation so far!

2. Drag Show

Ohhhhh man, let me tell you a story!ย One of my friends got married last year and for her bachelorette party she wanted to go to a drag show. Kaitlyn and I decided to go as long as the other one went. We were both terrified. We had no idea what to expect and when we first sat down I was terrified one of the drags was going to try to give me a lap dance. We looked at each other and said, “Well, let’s start drinking!” After our second drink we realized it was totally a fun experience. After the third drink, it was all fun and games from there! It’s just a play with drags, that’s all. We ended up taking over the dance floor and all the drags joined us. It was actually pretty freaking awesome.

3. Wine Tasting

I love to drink wine. But it’s an acquired taste and it took awhile to get some of my friends into it and the boyfriend, but I’m slowly converting them! Anyway, the boyfriend and I went wine tasting for the first time. It was so much fun! A little date day for us and we learned soooo much about wine and pairing it with different foods to bring out different flavors. So much fun. Until we got to that point of…uh, who’s driving. The boyfriend was a trooper and stop getting seconds so I could continue on with the tasting! What a guy ๐Ÿ™‚

4. Hot Air Balloon Ride

One of my bucket list items complete! I celebrated the big 25th birthday over the Napa Valley in a hot air balloon. Seriously such an amazing experience. It is so unbelievably quiet up there when you’re just floating along! The boyfriend came with me and it was an awesome birthday. Just the two of us up there…oh and 10 strangers, but it was cool. The funny thing about the balloon is that there is no destination, and there is no plan for landing. So we got to land in a random neighborhood, and since it was still early morning, everyone was coming out of their houses in their bathrobes and coffee in hand to watch us pack up the balloon.

5. Brew Fest

Um…the best experience ever? I think so! Our first brew fest and we got the VIP tickets…bigger cup, earlier entry, lunch included, free T-shirt (and you know I’m all about those free memento T-shirts!). We got a tip when we got there…you get your first taster and then race around to all the booths to get all the free beer swag the breweries are handing out! (This is during that first hour that only VIP gets in). Then let the drinking begin! Of course things got a little wild, and I ignored my first rule: PACE YOURSELF. The brew fest ended with the boyfriend half carrying half dragging me to the Uber. Sorry boyfriend, but I love you! I also lost my brand new pair of Oakley sunglasses that day too. Tragic.

6. Starting this Blog

I had always talked about starting a blog…I mean, why not? I’ve got tons of things going on in this crazy head of mine, and I should probably write some of it down! And then I figured, if it turns out I don’t like it, then oh well. But it turns out…I LOVE it! We are going 6 months strong! (I know that doesn’t seem that long, but for me, committing to anything longer than a week is progress!) So glad I finally got the blogging bug, and it’s been one of the best outlets and hobbies for me.

7. New York City with the Boyfriend

Okay, yes, I have been to New York two times before this last trip. But never with the boyfriend! Granted, I didn’t know him when I went the first two times, but still! Getting to show him around one of my favorite cities was like experiencing it all for the first time! Getting to see his face when he saw Grand Central Station; hearing him talk about the 9/11 Memorial Museum; it was all absolutely fantastic. I couldn’t imagine having a better trip. And plus, whenever I go on vacation with the boyfriend we always turn it into a “beercation”, which is equally awesome.

8. Meeting Lo Bosworth

Um yeah. I can’t even stop talking about this night. It was the coolest thing I have ever done! I’m pretty sure I had beads of sweat forming near my hairline when I was talking to her and then I couldn’t help but think about how she was probably thinking, “What is with this crazy sweaty girl?” Ha! I also replayed the whole event over and over and kept thinking, “Oh my god I should have told her that I’m from California – she’s from California!” and “I should have told her I’m a blogger – she’s a blogger!” Oh geez. I will definitely have to remember this for my next run in with her!


9. Collaborating with a Fellow Blogger

Not only has blogging been totally amazing to me, but this past month Kally from MiddleMe asked me to work on a post with her! It was so much fun! She gives a lot of great advice, and specifically a lot of career advice, and we did an interview about my job as a recruiter and job hunting tips! Kally is super sweet and I just love her blog! Totally relatable and information you actually want to know about! Don’t worry, I will be posting it here later this month, but do be sure to check out Kally’s blog in a couple of weeks! I seriously feel so special to have been asked by her and I just love how much networking and friendships have been born out of this blogosphere!


10. Stagecoach Music Festival

Holy hell was this one of the most amazing music festivals ever! Three beautifully sunny days of country music, friends, food, and booze. It was totally terrific. Although, the first day I had brought with me my flask that looked like a bottle of sunscreen, that I had filled with whiskey. I thought I was being soooo clever, but the security lady in the line I picked opened it up, dumped it out, and threw it away and then laughed in my face. Did my friends all get as thoroughly searched in different lines? Nope. Not even a little. SO LAME. Anyway, besides that, it was so much fun and I will admit, I did end up taking a lot of naps during the day, but it was so much fun as soon as that sun went down! Can’t wait to go again!

And of course there were plenty of other firsts, but I won’t bore you. But here’s a quick list anyway!

  • Gender reveal party for my childhood bestie – it’s a GIRL!
  • Russian River Brewery stop – home to the famous and rare Pliny the Elder!
  • My first selfie stick – still not ashamed
  • Pit tickets to Florida Georgia Line – hello overwhelmness of awesomeness and claustrophobia!
  • The boyfriend became a full blown hunter and shot his first buck with his new bow
  • Took a hunter’s safety course – I’m legit now
  • Tried out Stitch Fix – and fell in love with it!
  • First Friendsgiving!
  • Roadtripping to Idaho to surprise the bestie!



20 thoughts on “A Year of Firsts…in 10 Ways!

  1. Thank you, Allison!! You’re so super sweet and smart to work with, I simply love collaborating with you! All bloggers should tap into that clever brain of yours and collaborate with you. I mean it! Happy new year, my dear gal!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Looks like you had a super busy & fun-filled year! I wish I was that lucky lol! On another note, have to say I find the hunting details very sad especially bow hunting..it’s very inhumane.


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