How to Dig Through My Fridge in 10 Ways

I know I’ve said how much I love cleaning and organizing. But there’s one room in the house that I just can’t ever clean or organize like I want to. The kitchen. Specifically, the fridge and pantry. I don’t know why but it literally takes weeks to throw out old, expired food.

Half the time, it’s me telling the boyfriend, “Ehhhh…I wouldn’t eat that if I were you.” And the other half of the time is the boyfriend pulling stuff out of the fridge, “October 18th! That’s definitely expired,” and then puts it back in the fridge! We’re the worst when it comes to that!

But, on the other hand, I’ve got some good stuff in there too! So here’s a little bit of the good, the bad, and the ugly.


1. String cheese for days

There always seems to be a lifetime supply of string cheese. It’s just too easy of a snack!

2. Salsa from a couple of weeks ago

Well it came with our burritos from the Mexican restaurant down the street and I didn’t get to try it that night. So I guess I’m just saving it for a rainy day?

3. Flaxmeal from about 2 years ago

I bought this bag when it said ‘April 2016’ was the expiration and that was super far into the future. Look at it now.

4. Salami and Laughing Cow cheese

My staple after work snack. I actually just rush home to eat a bunch and then put it all away before the boyfriend comes home. Then we head out to the gym πŸ˜‰

5. Rice cakes from last month when I was on that “cleanse”

Those are most DEFINITELY stale by now. Okay, fine. I’m throwing them away!

6. A million bags of rice

Because I can never remember if I had any rice at home! Then I bring the new bag home to put it with its 4 other buddies. Yup. I had rice.

7. Plenty of beer for a college party

Okay not really, but we were suppose to go camping, so we stocked up and then it got cancelled, so now our fridge is seriously stocked!

8. Possibly spoiled milk

That neither the boyfriend or myself can bring ourselves to do the sniff test to see if it’s actually gone bad. It’s a week past it’s prime, but I’m terrified of pouring out milk and there being chunks in it. So I’ll just leave it!

9. The super sized box of popcorn

Because I could eat popcorn everyday. So I gotta buy that shit in bulk.

10. Champagne and OJ

Simply because you never know when you’re going to want a mimosa or need some champagne to celebrate surviving another day!


What oddball things to you find in your fridge or pantry when you finally get around to making more room for new snacks? Happy Monday my peeps! πŸ™‚


15 thoughts on “How to Dig Through My Fridge in 10 Ways

  1. We have an endless supply of green olives, and empty jars of olive juice. The husband claims he drinks the juice. I’ve never once seen this happen and then it just sits there. I usually make him the fridge cleaner outer because the smell of old food just makes me want to vomit.

    I feel you on the old milk thing. If it’s even a day past it’s expiration I cringe and end up just throwing the entire carton into the trash can so I don’t have to pour it down the drain.


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  2. Ahahaha! I hear of horror stories like that of the sour milk and nasty salsa… I think, “no way, Jose”… she gotta be embellishing that….
    Then I get there for a kitchen clean out….
    Good god!
    Shit’s real.
    I guess some people hoard old house stuff, magazines and memorabilia while others hoard dairy.

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  3. I’m in love with your signature! Last week I found a jar of pickles that expired back in January of 2015… I left it out on the counter to throw away later and needless to say, that was a bad idea… My dad thought it was new and ended up eating half the jar! Oops.

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  4. I totally understand where you’re at. My refrigerator usually looks like a Marine’s foot locker. In other words, perfect. But I got sick and wasn’t paying attention. Today I have to clean out BOTH refrigerators and I think I’d rather have a root canal or possibly go through labor again. Things in there are reaching for us when we open the door.
    For tips you can check out if you’d like.


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