How to Online Shop Like a Pro in 4 Ways

I am a bargain shopper for sure. Especially when I can do it from the comfort of my couch or on a 10 minute break at work or in the middle of a road trip. While I do have a slight shopping addiction – mostly online – I am only purchasing so much at a time because of some deal or sale! So, yes, I know I shop too much, but if it’s a deal, then I HAVE to get it! One time I bought a roll of paracord just because it was 99 cents. What would I use 100 ft of paracord for? No idea. But then the boyfriend needed some to tie stuff down in the truck…and I came to the rescue. And I said, “Next time you want to laugh at me for buying things I don’t need I will remind you of this moment.”


I am constantly checking for the best deal. I can’t say no to a deal! No matter what it is! Here’s some of my go to places online to lock down that bargain!

1. Sign up for the email list


Yes, the constant 2-3 emails per day is annoying. But this is why you should create an email solely for the purpose of plugging into websites for promotional shit. That way if you decide you don’t want to get them everyday you can just let it go! But seriously, at least look at it everyday. There will be some sort of deal and you’ll be able to jump right on it! I am sooo serious about this one you guys!!

2. Elite Deal Club


This is seriously amazing. Yes, it’s probably a lot of shit you don’t need, but that’s okay! It’s through Amazon Prime and it’s so great. They release new deals every few hours, and you can log on and get the deal codes and then purchase from Amazon! Definitely check this one out!

3. Brad’s Deals


This company’s job is to scour the internet for all the best deals going on online everyday. And then they send you an email showing what the best deals are for that day and then it takes you to the website, and boom. You have a new North Face Jacket that was 50% off.

4. Influenster


For all you bloggers out there! You NEED to check this out! It’s so simple! Download the app and check it out. You basically put in all your social media and they give you a score based on your potential social impact. If you put in your time and be active on the app (writing reviews, creating lists, answering questions) then they’ll send you complimentary products to review!


And so far, those are my favorite ways to shop and get deals! How do you hunt down/snag that ultimate deal? Any tips on something else I should be looking into?!

Happy Friday!!


19 thoughts on “How to Online Shop Like a Pro in 4 Ways

  1. I’ve been using Influenster for about 2 years now and love it! My husband is always impressed with how much free stuff I get. Believe it or not the most free items I’ve received is from signing up on when we were getting married. I’ve gotten free jewelry, photo canvases, custom greeting cards.

    I’m DEFINITELY going to have to check Elite Deals because I am an Amazon junkie. Try Brand Backer too. It’s similar to Influenster but a bit more competitive, and there are opportunities for paid blog posts and free samples through it as well. I’m working on my first Brand Backer post now. 🙂


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    • Oh that’s awesome!! I will have to check out brand backer. I really love free stuff lol. And most of it I end up buying afterwards because I end up loving it so much!


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