How to Experience a Murder Mystery Party in 8 Ways

Have any of you ever heard of these kinds of parties? Or even been to one?

A little bit ago the boyfriend and I got to attend one for his sister’s birthday. It. Was. Awesome. At first I was kind of nervous to go. Of course, I thought it was going to be scary (because everything scares me), like maybe it was one of those things where all the lights go out and then someone comes and grabs you and you’re then “murdered”. BUT it wasn’t like that at all! His sisters did an AMAZING job at organizing it and I think if I ever wanted to throw one, I’d have to just hire them!

It took me awhile to get into character, because a) I’m shy as hell and b) I didn’t know my audience and c) I am the farthest thing from theatrical or an actress. But when I finally figured things out, it was a blast!

Anyway, it was a really fun party and here’s some of the deets on the party that I just thought were so awesome!

The photos here do not belong to me because I suck and forgot to take any pictures. One of the guests at the party took them!


1. Get into character

This party was set in the 20s in New York City. Before the party, we were provided with details about our character, like profession, relation to the deceased, possible motives, and what to wear! (Which made things SO much easier for me) I showed up to the party to be greeted by some of NYC’s finest and proper people! Everyone was decked out in their 20s attire and some people really did an amazing job getting into character!

2. Learn the lingo and family tree

There were a couple of print outs of the family tree and the hired help to show how everyone was connected and what role they played in relation to the deceased, which was SUPER helpful. Some of the people were introducing themselves and we kept saying, “Okay, real life or fake life?” We also got to learn some 20s lingo so we could “hit on all sixes”.

3. Chat up everyone!

Everyone is a suspect at this point! We were given a list of things we knew about other characters, so basically like gossip about the other characters. Our first objective was to learn information from another character, or to make people believe the gossip you’re dishing.

4. Drink up!

I took this one a little tooooo literal. But anyway….moving on….

5. Indulge in plenty of yummy snacks and dinner

The boyfriend’s sister prepared all of the food herself! (I could never take on that kind of challenge) And it was so good! I was in heaven for sure. I can’t say no to food!

6. Take plenty of pictures

Of course, I was a bad blogger and took zero pictures. Like ZERO. Oops. I was so bummed afterwards! But one of the characters, my “cousin” had set up a photo booth type area, which was very entertaining!

7. Gather your clues and make an accusation

After dinner, we each were given a slip of paper to write our suspicions down on. We also got to vote on who the best character performance was. And you’ll never guess that the boyfriend won! He was the secret alcoholic butler to the deceased. And he was hilariously sneaking (not so sneaking) sips out of his flask all night and bossing his “son” around!

8. Discover the murderer and be in shock

Okay, not really shock, but it is quite funny when you find out that the murderer was the character you were chatting with all night! How could I not see that coming!?



It was seriously such a great party!

So I want to know! Has anyone ever been to one of these parties? Or ever heard of them?


14 thoughts on “How to Experience a Murder Mystery Party in 8 Ways

  1. My mom went to one for my aunt’s birthday! We were all so jealous, because she not only got to see our extended family, but it looked like a lot of fun! (My aunt’s birthday present from her wife was flying my mom down, which was how come she got to go and we didn’t. 😜) I hope I can do one sometime, because it looks like a lot of fun!

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  2. Such good fun!!
    I hosted one for my boyfriends 30th birthday, it was such a good night, we held ‘Oscars’ afterwards for best actor and actress! It was 4 years ago and our friends still talk about how much fun it was!

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