How to Buy Everything You Don’t Need in 7 Ways

My online shopping habits come in spurts. I’ll go a whole month without buying anything online (yes, I admit, I add a bunch of things to my cart) and then I go one week where I order random things off of several different sites. In my mind though, I always think, “Oh hell yes I need this. This will come in so handy. How have I lived without this?” But then I think to myself once said item shows up at my door and think, yeah this is pretty awesome, but why did I buy it? I don’t really need this. I could have gone on living life in the same exact way and not even skip a beat by not owning this.

But at the same time…I JUST. NEED. IT.Have you guys ever felt this way? Obviously it’s a big player in why I’m so broke. But I figure eventually I’ll have to grow up and say stop the madness, Allison. You’re broke. You need to be adult and stop buying useless shit. Ahhhh. Some day 🙂

These are some of those interesting choices I’ve made, but in the end it always works out! I promise!

1. Camo clothing


Okay, okay, so yes, this one ended up being a useful purchase. BUT when I bought it…was I even remotely close to being a hunter? No. I didn’t have anything to hunt with. It was more in hopes that the boyfriend would take me with him. But hey, it was 50% off, so you know I can’t say no to a deal!

2. Beeracuda

I’m really not sure what inspired this purchase. All I knew was that it’d be bad ass to have an insulated bag to keep beer cold while on a hike. So I sought out the Beeracuda. And you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s going with me on vacation.

3. Hawaiian Shirt


In preparation for my upcoming vacation, I had this picture in my mind of me and my friends getting off the plane in rad hawaiian shirts and wayfarers. So obviously I had to make that happen. So here’s my flight outfit!

4. Plants


I continuously buy myself plants. I don’t know why. They always die. I can’t be responsible for any living thing. I’ve got Eddy still though. This green leafy plant that’s been with me since the start. Sometimes I forget to water him and sometimes I do. It’s a pretty casual relationship. I just got these little guys: sunflowers, daisies, and a tomato plant. We’ll see how long this lasts. Happy one week old!

5. FitBit Blaze


I had a FitBit Flex, which was a perfectly acceptable tracker. I had won it in a raffle at work so I didn’t even have to pay for it. It was awesome! But was I satisfied? Of course not. So I ordered the FitBit Blaze, quite a few improvements later. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing and I’m totally obsessed with it. But I could have continued my happiness with the Flex just fine.

6. Fake Flowers


I’ve bought a couple of things of fake flowers, just to add some color into my home. But then I bought these ones. Where the hell am I going to put these? Right now they’re just lying on my mantle, waiting to be given a home. They’re pretty. But so lost.

7. Wall Decor


I always buy numerous amounts of things to put on the wall. I’ve literally almost run out of wall space in my apartment. And then I always wander through the home aisles at Target or Michael’s and then find this. I was super stoked about it, and again, not being able to say no to a deal, it was 60% off! But I have no where to put it, so now it must stay in the closet until I get my big girl house one day. A house with so many walls I won’t know what to do with.


Okay, what weird things do you keep buying that make you shake your head at yourself? Anyone else have bad habits like this like me?

10 thoughts on “How to Buy Everything You Don’t Need in 7 Ways

  1. LOVE the Hawaiian shirt idea! I do this. It’s so bad. I have a giant canvas picture with no home, and clothes and accessories I’ll never wear outside! I also love the Beeracuda, and have no use for it but feel I need one! x

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  2. Haha, I love online shopping and can Def spend waaaay too much but I’ve gotten to the point where I can realize, I really won’t ever use this, and then not buy it. Unfortunately, most things fit into the other category.

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  3. I had a bunch of pictures waiting to go on walls for about 3 years before we actually bought our own home. We’d been unlucky with 2 landlords who wouldn’t let us put up picture hooks before that. So yeah, now the next job is getting round to unpacking them and putting them on the walls. And it doesn’t stop me from buying more useless crap.

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