How to Be Seduced By the Boyfriend in 3 Ways

Seeing as how today is Valentine’s Day, I thought this might be the perfect time to put out this post. I definitely don’t like getting too sappy for this holiday, so this is going to be pretty light hearted!

I love my boyfriend. He’s my best friend. But I think we both know that he is no rico suave. He kinda just says whatever he is thinking and always forgets about romanticizing a conversation. But it definitely makes me smile and laugh, and always creates some great entertainment for me. When he’s good, he’s good, and when he’s off his game, he’s really off, but I can’t complain while I’m laughing! πŸ˜‰

1. His very first almost line to me:

We were sitting outside at a restaurant on the water. I sat with my back to the lake, and he sat across from me. For whatever reason, we ended up switching seats. When he sat down with his back to the lake he looked at me and said, “Now I really have the best view.” I started blushing like crazy; thinking, Oh shit, this boy has got moves! Then he continues to say, “Yeah, look at all those old people. What aΒ greatΒ view.” So close.

2. Trying to whisper something sexy

When we first started dating I would try to whisper cute sexy things into the boyfriend’s ear while we were laying together. One time I jumped under the covers and when he came to bed I whispered, “I’m totally naked” even though I wasn’t, but I was really just looking for what reaction he’d have. Do you know what happened next? He started laughing and said, “You can’t just say that. It’s like saying I’m naked and I have a pizza!” I have NO idea how those two things are related.

3. Opening doors for me

One time when we were headed to the car the boyfriend started to walk to the passenger side of the car (where I was going to sit) and I thought, wow, he’s going to open the door of the car for me! How sweet! He almost got to the door and then looked at me, “Whoa, forgot I was driving!” And then proceeded around the car to the driver’s seat. So close to being so smooth!

And there are plenty more stories where those came from! But he’s my Valentine and he’s the best πŸ™‚ Alright, let me hear some of your entertaining stories! My boyfriend can’t be the only one this smooth, right?!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


12 thoughts on “How to Be Seduced By the Boyfriend in 3 Ways

  1. These were hilarious! I was literally laughing out loud at my desk in my office. It just doesn’t click with guys but at least we know they’re not intentionally not realizing these things, they’re just not fully thinking about it as is. So many times I’ve had/could’ve had “aw” moments but nope false alarm haha i guess this is why men are from mars and women are from venus πŸ™‚ You guys are too cute nonetheless…

    xo, JJ

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