How to Get to Know Me: My Current Obsessions Part 2

So my last current obsession you can read about here…but basically I’m obsessed with Etsy I decided. You can find the most unique things on there, it’s awesome! And now I’m back to continue my list. Most of these things I fell in love with last month when I was shopping a ton. This month I’ve tapered off on the shopping front, but I’ve still got to enjoy all of last months purchases! Y’all know how much of a shopaholic I am! Clicking that checkout button always gets me going!

Anyway, back to the list…it’s a little bit more of a get-to-know-me for those of you that aren’t sick of me yet! Here’s what I’m obsessing over…

1. Gold anything img_2727
I loooove gold right now. It’s my favorite accessory. Gold earrings, rings, necklaces, watches, you name it! And plus, on that hot tan summer skin…you know it’s a perfect combo!

2. Einstok Beer

Oh. Em. Gee. So hard to find, but so totally worth it when you do! There is one place that sells it an hour away from home. Whenever we pass through that town, we are sure to make a detour over to pick up some of this beer!

3. Tea

I made fun of the boyfriend for years about his love of tea. And here I am being a total hypocrite. He made it for me while I was sick and I’m hooked! It just makes me warm and fuzzy!

4. Beanies


Okay, I know that it’s a little past beanie time, but I found a new obsession for them this winter! Especially from Love Your Melon! How cute is this beanie? Annnnd it gives a hat to a child battling cancer! It’s probably the only thing about next winter I’ll be looking forward to!

5. Body Scrubs

All the way from down unda, I found Body Blendz. They make several different coffee/sugar/oats scrubs and I’m pretty much obsessed with scrubbing at least once a week. If not more!


Anything you guys are obsessing over lately?! Anyone joining in on my obsessions??

Oh, and Happy Earth Day!!

25 thoughts on “How to Get to Know Me: My Current Obsessions Part 2

  1. I’m obsessed with shopping too! I never really got to because I’m too young to drive and I can’t order things from online by myself, but I still love to gather loads of things on my wish list and have a huge haul every once in a while!

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  2. I do that with the coffee grinds from the filter. Makes me super soft. I can’t put it on my face though or it gets irritated. I swear by it for those annoying arm bumps though. It’s kinda hood getting it from the filter but it must work because I’m snobby and only like expensive skin products hahaha

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  3. My friend got my hooked on tea too. Especially chamomile before going to bed, now I can’t fall asleep without it! Maybe it’s psychological but whatever it works!

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